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If you’d like to have an up to date computer that runs Windows 7 you need to be getting good speed and performance. There are, though, some issues that will really slow down your computer without you actually being aware of it. By looking over your desktop and settings, you can often find easy ways to speed up your computer. You can enjoy a much better performing PC and operating system if you use the things that we are going to teach you about within this article.

Unless you like to hear a sound when you start up your computer or perform various tasks, you could disable these sounds and save memory. Sounds such as this can slow down your computer, so you may want to go to Sound Settings and turn them off. This won’t impact the kind of sounds you want to hear (e.g. listening to music, watching videos), only pointless sounds that are heard when you boot up or shut down a program. Another feature you may want to shut off is search indexing, though if you do a lot of searching, doing this might slow it down. To find this or other features you might want to disable, type in relevant text such as ‘indexing’ in the search area.

Going online and surfing websites is definitely an issue with people that have a very slow Internet connection. If your browser cache is not cleaned every day, your ability to serve quickly and easily, even on a fast connection, will be diminished. If you do not clean this particular part of your computer on a regular basis, all of the cookies and Internet files will slow you down. After doing this, you may find that some sites that previously recognized you may require that you enter your password. Basically, once you have done this, Windows 7 will run much faster when using browsers. Look at free background wallpapers for current tips.

One way that your computer can slow down dramatically is if you’re loading unused services that just run in the background. For example, if you have a printer, there are certain features that should never be running unless you are printing a page or document. It is unnecessary to disable features on your printer, especially if you use it every day for school or work; it would be too time consuming to focus on this at all. It is important to remember that Windows 7 has a sidebar and that this could use a lot of memory making boot time very slow. One thing you should always leave alone is user access control or UAC which can be detrimental if done. You could also get a warning from the UAC if you happen to get a virus, which can help you out in the long run, especially if it can possibly disable your computer.

There are a number of ways to make Windows 7 run faster, and we’ve looked at just a few options in this article. The settings on your computer are not set in stone, as they can be changed as we have just shown you to make things faster and better. If you don’t use certain programs, you can prevent them from autostarting, or even delete them. Keep your registry clean, remove all viruses and spyware, and your computer with Windows 7 will make you very happy because of its extremely fast operating speeds and capabilities.

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