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Divorce Mediation in 2014 by Stephanie Maloney, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

When mediation first started, most mediators worked on their own.  And a talented mediator can certainly help couples reach a settlement, but as the years went on I found myself suggesting that we add an attorney or a therapist to our mediation sessions to better facilitate the discussions and to bring their expertise into the room. The evolution and improvements in mediation and Collaborative Divorce have made these divorce options, even better choices than they were years ago (although the ...more

Mediation and Collaborative Law for Premarital Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements

It’s engagement season!  And while everyone’s busy admiring the ring and talking about wedding colors, it’s tempting to gloss over more serious issues, like your financial future and money styles. I’ve been working in the divorce field for over 20 years and I’ve also been divorced myself. Now I’m happily remarried.  So the suggestions and advice in this article are from both professional and personal perspectives. As I sit in the mediation room and I listen to a couple descri ...more

Who should choose a Collaborative Divorce and who should Choose mediation?

I’ll start by talking about mediation, since it’s faster and less expensive, and then I’ll talk about Collaborative Divorce.  And remember, if you start in mediation but decide later to switch to Collaborative Divorce, you can do that. Or vice versa. You can start in Collaborative Divorce and switch to mediate. So making an initial choice now doesn’t prevent you from changing your mind later. That’s one of the great things about not going to court—you stay in the driver’s seat ...more

Why and When to Choose Collaborative Divorce

·    Who’s a Candidate for Collaborative Divorce? ·    How does Collaborative Divorce Work? ·    What Should I look for in a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer? Who’s a candidate for a Collaborative Divorce? The simplistic answer is “almost everyone,” but I know that’s not too helpful. For people who are handling their divorce well (even if it’s full of conflict) and who can handle sitting in a room with their spouse and talking about a settlement, mediation is proba ...more

Basic Safety Rules in Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has long been a popular and well-loved sport by many people. The improved gear and technique has increased the safety of the sport. But, unfortunately some people lost their lives pursuing this. Sometimes, these disaster fall into the category of "act of God," but often there are things a climber might have done to ward off or mitigate the accident. ...more

Dress For Success And Riches With Designer Men’s Shoes

Everybody knows about ladies and their shoes. It is said which you are not able to ...more

Basic Concepts on House Removals

Television shows are guilty of displaying that house removals are easy. This is a dream ...more

Why Opt For Pilates Classes?

Fitness is an important part of top a healthful and well balanced life. For this reason, one should think about ...more

Characteristics of the Best Web Design Company

Websites today play a critical part in the operations of a business. It is usually ...more

Inside Vital Elements For Selling A Home

Curb appeal is a term often used by real estate agents when discussing ways to make a home more appealing to potential buyers. If you are tossing the idea of selling your home around or not; curb appeal is something that you may want to toss around in that discussion. These repairs or improvements are not necessarily a big deal, but generally will add to the overall appearance in a great way. Within this article we hope to give you a few thoughts to consider when and if you ever decide to make some changes to your home for enhancing the curb appeal. ...more

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